The ARC LINE is our vision of what a reef sump should be.
A flexible layout lends itself to multiple filtration styles. Large main chamber and smaller secondary chamber with swappable lids for skimmer, fuge or reactors allows you to choose your priorities. Sleek design and premium features are standard:
  • expandable inlet array which allows you to swap from 1" to 1.5" bulkheads via removeable plate (ARC-3618 and larger)
  • Removeable optional bubbletrap with slide out media tray
  • Flush fit polycarbonate lids
  • Cord ports with flush covers
  • Removeable dual heater holders
  • Probe holder with electrical noise isolating rubber grommets
The ARC LINE is built to give you everything you need from the start and options to alternate as you progress. The learning curve starts here.