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Overall dimensions: 27.75"L x 11.75"W x 15"H

2” x 4" socks (included)

Tank usage: up to 120 gallons

 9.5" x 11.25" main chamber for skimmer/equipment

Adjustable water height from 6-10 inches

    • Sleek minimalist design with gray accents
    • Symmetrical footprint allows for left or right inlet installation and is perfect for peninsula tanks
    • Expandable inlet bulkhead array allows the sump to function with one, two, or three 1" bulkheads (actual bulkheads sold separately HERE) in any configuration you choose. Flush covers are included for bulkhead ports that are not in use.
    • Submerged inlet for silent operation (optional gray pipe sold separately)
    • Recessed sock plate lowers sock rim below water level to prevent bypass. Sump holds two 4" socks ( two 4" 300-micron socks included, additional socks sold HERE )
    • No warp drop-in flush lid above socks reduces noise and splash
    • Slotted relief above sock chamber allows overspill in the event of a clog without excessive noise and splash.
    • Original design removable bubble trap allows sump to function with or without bubble trap for additional return chamber space. A standard adjustable wall plate is included for operation without the bubble trap. The bubble trap assembly contains a removable slide tray for media holding and is locked into your desired water level height with black nylon bolts and actual black nylon nuts. No more broken threads in tapped walls. No more hard-to-reach slim bubble trap areas near impossible to clean. This is a game-changer.
    • Four 5/8" ports for stray tubing or optional 1/4" dosing line push fittings. 1/4" push fittings sold HERE
    • Four cord management ports are sized to double as 1/2" bulkhead ports for additional equipment. Covers for unused ports included. Optional 1/2" bulkheads sold HERE








      27.75" x 11.75" x 15"

      Main chamber

      9.5" x 11.25"

      Return chamber

      8" x 11.25"

      Removable bubble trap

      2" x 8"

      Total water volume

      20.3 gallons

      Adjustable water level

      6 - 10 inches

      Inlets ( up to three )



      two 4 inch

      Cord ports


      Optional .25" dosing inlets


      Unused bulkhead covers


      Unused cord port covers


      300-micron filter socks

      two 4 " included

      Bulkhead fittings

      sold separately

    Many fads come and go in the reef hobby, but some innovations yield enough successful tanks to become industry standards.
    The sock/skimmer/live rock "Berlin Method" style sump filter is perhaps the most effective and reliable form of filtration for reef systems.  Battle-tested for decades by hobbyists of all levels, its simple design has truly stood the test of time.
    Our ONE LINE of aquarium sumps embraces this legacy of results while adding some creative features of our own:
    • An expandable inlet array which allows you to hot-swap between 1" and 1.5" bulkheads via a removable plate
    • Removable optional bubble trap with slide out media tray
    • Flush fitted polycarbonate lids
    • Cord ports with flush covers
    • symmetrical design for left or right flow installation
    Our goal for the ONE LINE is a simple yet flexible design that can handle anything you throw at it and expand with your needs as you advance through the hobby. Clean lines and modern aesthetics will blend with your existing system without drawing attention away from your reef. This is the one.



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